Baghdadi sinks to a new low, buys an apology

Toronto(SD)-Sultans and Chiefs of the so-called “Matanaha”, organized by the governor of the central bank of Somaliland Ali  Ibrahim Baghdad, have said they have apologized to the governor for reported  corruptions.

These traditional Leaders statement was solicited with public funds by the Governor, seem to be apologizing that Hadhwanaag News reported the alleged corruptions.

The Elders seemed to be more interested in the payola more so than the actual reported corruption by the Somaliland Governor.

Hadhwanaag News confirmed to us that these so-called Sultans and Chiefs did not represent Hadhwanaag News, but rather, their stetements were bought by Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi.

The steps taken by the governor of Somaliland’s central bank Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi seems to want to buy his way out of the alleged corruption.

Then posting messages of this kind by traditional leaders and circulating them on his Facebook page to defend himself.


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