President Deni admits to Somaliland’s nationhood

Bossaso(SD)-President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, currently speaking in Bossaso, refered to  Somaliland as a “country”.

The Puntland President was addressing the issue of safety in Somalia at time of his realization.

“Many countries in the world tell their people not to go to Somalia unless they’re going to Somaliland, that is because they have made their “COUNTRY” a safe one.” Said the President Said Abdullahi  Deni.

Puntland State of Somalia is Somaliland’s neighbor to the south and was involved in a land dispute with Somaliland since it’s inception.

The side have an on going border skirmishes for a long time, the sides recently through the Red Cross exchanged prisoners of war.

The Puntland President’s admittance come at a time when the regional state is in a row with federal government of Somalia.


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