Barak Obama’s Sister in Hargeisa and her take on independence

Hargeisa July 22, 2019(SD)-The sister of former Former US President Barack Obama Dr. Au Obama, a writer, journalist and famous personality in Kenya, is currently in Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa.

Dr. Mr Obama was among those invited to this year’s Hargeisa fair for the annual Hargeisa Cultural Center.

Dr. Auma addressed the opening ceremony of the Hargeisa Book Fair, addressing the lack of progress in Africa and  the independence of Somaliland, saying: “We must change our minds that we can live on grants and except that, no one will be able to help you out of poverty but ourselves,  {the world}should see, hear and understand that in addition to Somaliland independence, {Africa} consists of 55 countries, that each has its own culture, identity and its own characteristics “.

The Hargeisa Book Fair is one of the main attractions of the year for the not yet recognized country, it is also an opportunity to show case it’s success story in Africa.

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