Barware’s $ 4.3 million Airport runway destroyed by rainfall

Barawe (SD) – A torrential downpour in the Lower Shabelle region has destroyed the $ 4.3 million Brava city airport.

The destruction of the airport scandalises the Somali authorities who recently taunted the airport as a government success story, saying it was built with a European Union funding.

The rains washed out the runway and destroyed other parts of the Airport, confirming the suspected corruption related to the project.

This could also hurt the Somali federal government’s claims of fighting corruption in the country.

There were public concerns with the quality of the work done at the airport as it related to the cost, leading to officials from the federal government and EU defending and justifying the project and its cost.

Both the EU and Federal government remain silent on the subject and its colossal failure to withstand the first rain fall of the region.

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