British envoy in Somaliland commends Elafweyn peace treaty

Hargeisa (SD) – Head of the British Office in Hargeisa, Somaliland welcomes the signing of the agreement signed this week in El-Afweyn town between the two warring clans.

British envoy to the territory, Ambassador Stuart Brown wrote in a summary of the site’s Twitter account, he said “Welcome Sunday’s historic peace agreement in Elafweyn. After 4 years of conflict this agreement is testament to the continued importance of grassroots community led peace initiatives in Somaliland. Congratulations to all involved. I hope the community enjoys lasting peace.”

The British Government is one of the major donors of the former protectorate’s development and sustainability projects.

Elafweyn has experienced a repeated trial war for the past four years, the violence has grown despite multiple pace agreements in the past.

The latest peace efforts are larger and are said to be grassroots oriented, hope is, since it came from the community this may prevail.

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