Chairman of Faisal Ali Warabe defends the Hargeisa Cultural Center

Hargeisa(SD)-The leader of Somaliland opposition party Ucid Eng Faysal Ali Warabe has voiced his dismay at the cultural center in Hargeisa.

“The boy who did succeeded was the boy who created the Hargeisa cultural center Jama Gaab, and now we have two very good places that deal with the world, the Hargeisa cultural center and Abaarso School. and our enemies are targeting them and want to cripple them” Said the UCID Chair man.

People in Somaliland have been questioning the invitation of certain personalities to the Hargeisa Book fair and the Abarso School, these invitees advocated for religiously contentious topics such as same sex marriage.

the accused organizations denied any prior knowledge of the topics these invitees avadvocated for.


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