Clan militias fighting in the mountains of Sanaag region over mining

Erigavo (SD) – Reports from Shidan area of Sanaag region, particularly towards the Almadow Mountains on the Gulf of Aden, say there has been heavy fighting between two clan militias today.

Residents in the Erigavo and Yube districts told local media that the fighting which began early this morning stopped later in the afternoon, though they didn’t provide details of any casualties.

Reports indicate that the war between the two clan militias is rooted in disputes over mining, the two clans mined together in the area prior to their recent clashes.

However, the two sides have fought several times in the area of Shidan recently, and elders and intellectuals in Yube district have accused Somaliland of supporting the other militia.

Somaliland government didn’t respond to the fighting or the accusations from Yube.

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