Speaker of the Upper House and Ambassadors to Somalia discuss Election Issues

Mogadishu (SD) – The Speaker of Somalia’s Upper House PFG and the National Electoral Commission of the Upper House held a joint meeting today with the international community’s representatives in Somalia.

The two sides discussed ways in holding the 20201/2021 elections in Somalia, the National Elections Bill at the upper House being passed, achieving reconciliation in order for all Somalis to participate in the election process.

Meanwhile, the National Election Law Commission of the Somali Upper House has met with the National Electoral Commission, at the meeting, the two sides engaged in point by point discussions on the entire National Election Law.

At the end of the meetings, National Electoral Commission’s Chairwoman Halima Ismail (Halima Yarey) who spoke to the media said they gave details of all the provisions of the bill, and that in 2021 they’re set to hold elections in the country.

Sen Mohamed Amin Sheikh Osman, chairman of the National Electoral Commission of the Upper House, said they are holding consultative meetings and that they are collecting data on the electoral bill which is to govern elections poised to take place in the country next year.

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