Col Arre and Somaliland finalizing peace deal

Erigavo (SD) – Somaliland and Colonel Arre’s forces have reached an agreement, the Colonel and his rebel troops will rejoin the Somaliland army soon, according to sources close to the rebel leader.

Somalidispatch.com had broken this hidden deal on November 23, 2019, when Garhajis traditional leaders and President Bihi.

The peace agreement is a threat to the Kulmiye coalition, as Col Arre was part of the Elafweyn conflict and was accused of murder by the Somaliland Army chief Gen. Tani.

Somaliland National Army Lieutenant Colonel Said Sudi Abdi and Colonel Arre are both seen in the outskirts of Erigavo together talking peace.

Sources tell Somalidispatch the Col Arre and his rebel group are finalizing the agreement in the outskirts of Erigavo.

Col. Arre has accepted to leave Somaliland, not clear which country the he may go to, he is then to request a pardon.

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