Col. Arre to leave Somaliland soon, his future return not know

Erigavo (SD) – Sources close to Col Arre tell Somalidispatch.com that the Colonel is planning to travel to a safe country of his choosing soon.

Col. Arre has recently signed an agreement with Somaliland, and in part the agreement demanded that he leave the country and apply for pardon if he is to return. 

The Colonel has also overseen the amalgamation of his troops back to the Somaliland forces fold, and is said to be happy.

Col Arre has apparently decided to travel to Turkey, where he will rest and seek medical attention.

its not yet clear what the Colonel, whose new rank is General now is planning in the future.

The Somaliland public generally supported the peace deal, but the details of that deal are not known yet.


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  1. the colenel arre issue has being solved in a political way, so if he come back after two or three months, there is no legal restrictions to come back home. because he has been in Erivabo since he decided to go abroad for medication.

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