Somaliland Chief Sultan: the opposition has the right to criticize the president

Hargeysa (SD) – Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdikadir has addressed the lawsuit filed by President Muse Bihi Abdi’s family against the UCID Chairperson Faisal Ali Warabe.

Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdikadir described the case as problematic and at the same time dangerous, and advised the president that no one was expecting from him that he would threaten to arrest the men he run against and won.

“The previous Somaliland presidents did not arrest the opposition candidates, so I say the opposition parties have the right to criticize.” Said the Sultan.

Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdikadir says there is no family that can have another family arrested, but what is required is the Law to work.

“Before when you were in the opposition, you (the president), used to critic people, so leave the opposition alone now. Ramah should also be freed since his accuser dropped the charges.” Said the chief Somaliland Sultan, Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdikadir.

UCID Chairman is expected back to Somaliland this week, its expected that his supporters to come out in droves to show their disgust with the case against their leader.

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