Coldon family denied visitation rights, says lawyer

Hargeisa(SD)-Lawyer Mubarig Abdi Ismail, one of Somaliland’s leading lawyers, said guards at Madera prison denied his family to visit him in prison.

“I am sorry that the family of journalist Abdilmalik Musa Coldoon who is detained in Mandera Prison has been denied access to jail this morning”.

Mr. Mubarig who is Journalist Coldon’s personal lawyer pointed out the this violate his constitutional rights as a prisoner.

Relatives, including his mother and siblings, some of whom had traveled from abroad came to see their brother were denied access by the prison authorities.

Article 57 of the Somaliland Prisons Act L / R 65/2014 mandates that the prison guard allow the inmate to visit his relatives and friends.

Somaliland authorities did not yet address this latest accusations from Coldon’s lawyer. 

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