Seychelles accuses Somaliland on pardoned piracy prisoners

Hargeisa(SD)- The government of Seychelles has denounced Somaliland’s decision to release 19 prisoners who have been convicted of piracy.

The Seychelles government says the move is in conflict with an earlier agreement between Somaliland authorities on the convicted pirates who were transferred to Somaliland’s largest prison in Hargeisa.

“Seychelles condemns the release of the 19 prisoners of piracy convicted without the completion of their sentence in Somaliland.” said the statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The government of Seychelles added “In 2011, the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the exchange of convicted prisoners, and in 2012 we handed over 19 prisoners to the Somaliland prison authorities to finalize their sentences of 30, 36 and 42 years in prison for piracy.”

The statement also said the Seychelles government was surprised by the release of the detainees “The release of the prisoners was a surprise to us because we were not informed about it.”

Seychelles condemnations come as President Muse Bihi pardoned the prisoners days ago and today handed them back to their traditional leadrs.

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