Colonel Arre’s forces attack Erigavo police station

Erigavo (SD) – Gunmen loyal to the Somaliland rebel leader, Col Arre attacked the central Police station in Erigavo today.

According to reports from the Hadhwanaagnews International Network, armed gunmen recently attacked a base in the central city of Erigavo.

The gunmen, who are believed to be members of Colonel Arre militias who are based on the outskirts of Erigavo district, inflicted heavy losses on the policemen at the base at the time of the attack.

According to reports, Colonel Arre’s rebels who launched the attack escaped the scene after they carried out the attack on the Erigavo police station.

Meanwhile, the Somaliland authorities have not yet commented on the casualties of the police attack on the central city of Erigavo.

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