Somaliland welcomes Soldiers defected from Puntland

Somaliland’s new Minister of Information, Saleban Yusuf Ali Kore, has received a welcome at the Taleh district of Sool region, where the minister  welcomed soldiers who defected from Puntland.

The minister, who spoke to the media there, said that they welcomed about 150 soldiers who had defected from the Puntland forces in the Sool region, especially in God-qabobe district of Tukarak.

Mr. Kore, also said that the troops with armored vehicles, had joined the Somaliland forces in the Sool region, and promised that they would receive their full rights.

Also, Colonel Ali Diriye Balle, who led the force, said they had defected from Puntland, and are now loyal to the Somaliland administration.

Meanwhile, Puntland has not yet released any statement about the troops being welcomed in Taleh district, which Somaliland claims to have defected from Puntland.

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