Commercial Bank of Ethiopia set to open Headquarters in Somaliland

Addis Ababa(SD)-The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) says it will open a branch in Somaliland this year.

Bacha Gina, chairman and CEO of CBE, told the media in Addis Ababa that the bank will open offices in Somaliland and Saudi Arabia this year.

The head of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia also reported on the progress of the Bank in recent times.

This is another one sided business venture Ethiopia is gearin up to have with Somaliland.

 Somaliland already operates in a deficit trade environment with Somaliland as it relates to the lucrative Kat industry.

Security is yet another area Somaliland can seek to balance the load by signing into an bilateral agreement.

The Somaliland government needs to get over the satisfaction of just having an regional institutional presence in the country and go further to accomplish equilibrium in those relationships.

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