Former Somalia president: I swear to Allah, if they don’t stop we will remove them

Beledweyne(SD)-Former Somali president and the head of the political parties Sheik Shariif has sworn to “kick out” the Somalia government if they don’t stop.

The president and a delegation he was given hard time in traveling to the flood ravaged town of Beledweyne yesterday.

“This City was once ruled by Mooryaans (outlaw militias), they were fought off and kicked out…Ethiopians entered, and they were kicked out…Al-Shabaab occupied [and were removed]. Are they (Federal Govt) stronger? I swear to Allah, if they don’t stop we will remove them”. president Shariif said in Beledweyne.

The Somalia minister of information Mohamed Abdi Mareye in responding to the former president on behave of the government said “beneath the status and dignity”.

The tensions are high as the coalition parties ratcheted up the rhetoric in Beledweyne and through out the country.


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