DDS Minister of Commerce Congratulates Somaliland on Its Progress

Hargeisa (SD) – The Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia lauded the tremendous progress made in Somaliland.

We have said that Somaliland has made excellent business and industry progress, which sets a good example for Somaliland businesses progress and their aspirations.

Minister of Trade and Industry DDS Bashir Shafi made the comments at the Somaliland industrial exhibition in Hargeisa.

He was part of a large delegation from the Ethiopian Somali regional government, including the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hassan Farah, officials of the DDS business community and other members.

“We (DDS) are the gateway to Ethiopia, today we have a stronger government than the former Ethiopian federal government” said minister Bashir.

“You need a country to export to and brothers and sisters, especially when it comes to Ethiopia the two Somali and Oromo regions are the only regions Somaliland has business relationship, and its DDS that Somaliland has primary business relationship due to shared kinship, brotherhood and trade.” Said the minister.

The Ethiopian Somali State delegation along with Oromo state visitors will be exploring Berbera port’s potential for Business.

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