Hirshabelle Lawmakers Preparing a motion against President Ware

Beledweyne (SD) – More than 40 MPs from Hirshabelle state parliament have reportedly organizing a motion to sack President Mohamed Abdi Ware.

Lawmakers have accused the president of Hirshabelle of inactivity and failure to maintain security and stabilizing the Hirshabelle regions.

The Lawmakers have been quoted as saying that they are planning to bring the motion to the Hirshabelle Regional Parliament soon.

Members of the Hirshabelle parliament have previously prepared a similar motion against President Mohamed Abdi Ware, though they later announced its withdrawal after mediation talks.

President Ware was closely aligned with Villa Somalia, he recently broken ranks by opposing the federal government’s one man one vote elections in Somalia, Insiders suspect Villa Somalia is financing the Lawmakers plotting to impeach him.

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