Dhobo-Dired: President Deni has the patience to bring democracy to Puntland

Garowe (SD) – Former speaker of the Puntland parliament has said President Deni doesn’t have the patience to bring Puntland into the multi-party system.

“It is unfortunate to see, a president who over one question got so angry and nearly got torn up before he left parliament say that he can lead Puntland to democracy.” Said Abdikarim Dhobo-Dired.

Mr. Dhobo also accused the president of Puntland of detaining for more than 20 days in Bossaso politicians and elders who criticized his government’s policies.

The former Puntland Speaker of the parliament also said that President Deni is under the control of a coalition group called Aranjan, who do not want to bring Puntland to democracy, he said.

The former Puntland parliament speaker spoke about this in a long interview with Universal TV while in Mogadishu.

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