Did Somalia prevent Muse Bihi from traveling to Nairobi?

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi was to travel to Kenya in order to attend a forum showcasing Somaliland Investment opportunities.

The trip and the forum were born out of the detraining political relations between Somalia and Kenya, giving Somaliland an opportunity to make headway in having an improved diplomatic ties with the East African regional power.

However, Somalia’s leadership seems to have beaten the distracted Bihi government to the punch, as they were bogged down in the electoral fiasco in Hargeisa.

President Farmajo attending a UN sponsored meetings in Nairobi around the same time, used the occasion in hashing his differences with Uhuru’s government, not only was he successful in reviving the strained diplomatic relationship with Kenya, but he was able to cancel president Bihi’s trip to Nairobi, according to sources.

Political insiders, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity tell us, that Somaliland leaders who have foreign passports seem to be the only ones exempt from Farmajo’s blockade.

Somaliland Cabinet ministers, and UCID party Chairman,  who all have European travel documents went to Nairobi instead and seem to have failed in their efforts bushing Farmajo back.

Instead, for the first time a Somaliland Party Chairman has accused Ethiopian PM and the US Amabssador to Somalia for siding with Mogadishu in a haphazard manner.

To make matters worse, Ethiopian press has recently quoted Somaliland foreign official’s who were expressing frustrations with the new Ethiopian Policy towards Somaliland.

The most troubling aspect of Somaliland’s downward trajectory is the Political disunity and distrust between it’s leaders and their suporters.


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