Discussions between President Bihi and the mediation committee yield no results

Hargeisa(SD)-It is well known that Barkhad and Khadar are in Madhera prison for the sixth night illegally, after being kidnapped from the streets of Hargeisa last Sunday.

In Somaliland people are always hijacked illegally and that’s not a new story, but this is the first time such high ranking party officials have been abducted.

Barkhad is said to have been abducted for delivering Abdirahman Irro’s massage of calling supporters to the office,  and Khadar was arrested because the government found out he was to do as Barkhad did, but they arrested him before he did.

On the other hand, the many attempts by intellectuals, and calls from the international community, have so far yielded no results and have been personally blocked by Moses Bihi, even refused Mohamed Kahin.

All the people who spoke to him in different ways told Moses that he had the authority of these men over the constitution, that he would not pass the law on us, and that no one else would.

All who talked to Muse Bihi about the issues, he told them he believes what the constitution says about the arrest and is not willing to bypass the constitution.

Muse  Bihi was asked, if such imprisonment is based on law and order as you and the police have claimed:

1), Where is it in the law to arrest people only for speaking up, and calling their supporters to their office?

2) If that is the cause of the arrest, , why didn’t Abdirahman Irro, the one who called for the rally arrested?

3)on the other hand, if they breaken the law,why didn’t you send them to Madhera without trial?. Isn’t it a place to take prisoners when they go through the courts?

Questions such as those were but to him, and he listened intently, he was silent for a moment, he then gave a serious answer, “the law does not allow me to give you a different answer. Please respect the constitution. Please don’t force me to breech the constitution” he concluded.

by Mohamed Harun Bihi

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