Sheikh Umal on Hargeisa’s progress

Hargeisa(SD)-Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal spoke to reporters in Hargeisa on the developments he witnessed since his last visit.

Sheikh Mohamed Umal first spoke about how he imagined the country to be and compared it to what he saw.

” There is a huge difference in the way I imagined and what I saw, , the country is making progress, in all areas, and everywhere there is religious schools and universities and schools both.” said Sheikh Umal.

“One of the things that attracted me the most was the streets of the city, it will give pleasure to all who love goodness” added Sheikh Umal.

Sheikh Umal was elated to see how the city’s mosques were filled by youth “Looking at the mosques, 80% of the people in them were young people, which indicates that the country has a bright future.”

 Sheikh Umal also spoke to the stability of the country and the level of safety the populationenjoys.

“I was also vaccinated by the level of security, and I saw dollars and gold on the streets, on the streets, even at night, with no security guard, not even a store, but at the yard, and I really enjoyed it, it was really astonishing.” the Sheikh said.

Sheikh Mohamed Umal congratulated the government and people of Somaliland for their efforts, he also encouraged them to continue on their nation building.


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