Djibouti: No Agreement on Ethiopian naval base yet

Addis Ababa (SD) – The Djiboutian government has for the first time commented on reports by local media that the new Ethiopian navy will be based in that country.

Djibouti’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mohamed Idris Farah, told the BBC that there was no agreement on providing a base for the Ethiopian navy.

“The news that is circulating in the Ethiopian press, saying that the Ethiopian navy will be based in Djibouti is not official, there is no agreement between the two governments,” Mohamed Idris said.

However, Mohamed Idris Farah acknowledged that the two countries have discussed this issue, but so far no formal agreement has been reached.

The ambassador, on the other hand, said that any agreement reached by Djibouti would be a tripartite and will involve France.

France is assisting the Ethiopian government in rebuilding its navy, and their crew are currently being trained in France, who is also one of the countries that supports the ongoing changes in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia became a landlocked country after Eretria became a sovereign nation in 1991.

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