Djiboutian president discusses rivalry with Kenyan government

Djibouti(SD)-Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh spoke on Kenya government regarding the seat of the African Union’s seat to the United Nations Security Council.

He said the Djiboutian and Kenyan governments have a good brotherhood relationship, especially noting that the relationship is more than just political, but to a certain extent it’s societal by providing  asylum to Somalis people.

Djibouti’s president has blamed the African Union (AU) for voting for Kenya to represent Africa on the UN Security Council, President Guelleh saying that was wrong.

“The mistake made by the African Union is, in my opinion, is a violation of Djibouti’s rights, because Kenya has represented the continent at the United Nations twice, but for us once, so I saw it as an injustice,” said Djibouti president.

The competition between the two governments of Djibouti and Kenya is still pending on the seat of the Security Council and Djibouti is now seeking significant support from all Arab states.

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