Somaliland MPs to meet President Musevani

Entebbe(SD)-A Somaliland delegation led by the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives MP Axmedyaasiin Ali Ayanle are on an official visit in Uganda.

The delegation includes MP Ahmed Abdi Kijandha,  MP Mohamed Yusuf Waabeeye, MP Abdul Aziz Ismail, Secretary of the House of Representatives of Somaliland Cabdrisaaq Said Ayanle and the Somaliland Ambassador in Uganda Hamza Hajji Dool.

The Somaliland MPs have held a series of meetings with the leaders of Uganda and the Common Wealth parliamentarians from the African Union who are meeting in Uganda.

The Somaliland delegation had a key meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Mr Sam Kutesa.

The two sides discussed the long-standing relationship between Somaliland and Uganda and the fact that the two countries were members of the Common Wealth and were two colonies under the British rule before both countries gained their independence.

President Yoweri Musevani of Uganda extended an official Diner invitation to the Somaliland delegation to an the Somaliland delegation, as per the secretary of the Somaliland House of Representatives Abdirisak Said Ayanle.

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