DP World wins compensation in a London court ruling against Djibouti

Djibouti (SD) – DP World won yet another legal round against the Djibouti government over the Doraleh port dispute.

The International Arbitration Tribunal in London has ordered Djibouti to restore rights and benefits in accordance with the 2006 DP World and Doraleh Company’s compensation agreement or within two months.

An independent expert estimates the loss of DP World to more than $ 1 billion.

The court said Djibouti illegally when it forcibly removed DP World management from Doraleh port in February 2018.

DP World is currently waiting for Djibouti to comply with the final legal proceedings.

Djibouti government seems to have lost this round despite reconciling with Abdirahman Boreh, an exiled Djiboutian businessman who represented DP world at Doraleh.

DP World were seen in Djibouti in recent months, giving the impression that they have reconciled with the Government.

Djibouti government did not comment on the latest ruling yet, its not clear if they will appeal today’s ruling.

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