East African Commission invites Somaliland to a conference in Nairobi

Nairobi (SD) – A Somaliland delegation was in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the importance of an African open markets and trade organized by the East African Commission for Africa.

The conference was attended by Somaliland Ministers of Finance, Transport, Commerce, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Quality Conservation Agency, and Somaliland’s Ambassador to Kenya.

The conference was attended by many African countries and discussed the opportunities for job creation, economic growth and development in the continent.

Somaliland’s embassy in Nairobi, Kenya seems to be active in its efforts to proactive in matters of business.

The embassy is either is in the school of thought that thinks Business is a way in for Somaliland or is in doing leg work for special interest.

The Somaliland embassy did not present its objectives for attending nor the results of the East African Commission conference.

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