EU Ambassador brokers an election deal, confirms source

Hargeisa (SD) – The European Union delegation led by ambassador Nicolas Berlanga who is in Hargeisa to mediate between the Somaliland opposition parties and the president seems to have succeeded in his efforts, according to sources.

The EU ambassador was able to convince president Bihi not to primary the national parties, let the previous election commission to oversee the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

On the other hand, the EU ambassador was able to convince the opposition party leaders to accept the current committee members play an observer role in the upcoming elections, the current controversial commission doesn’t include opposition party representatives.

The elections, if agreed upon these conditions, are slated to happen at the end of 2020.

Other stake holders, such as parliamentarians and municipal councilors, who were openly against elections will sure voice their dissenting opinions on the deal.

This new EU brokered deal is to be signed today at the presidential palace, according to the source.

This deal, if its signed today will be a monumental step forward for Somaliland democracy, it also begs the question, why did it take so long and an EU ambassador’s intervention.

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