Faisal Ali Warabe’s contradiction on Farmajo interaction

Hargeisa (SD)-   The leader of the UCID party Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe has opposed the arrival of the Somali president in the capital, Hargeisa.

“To tell us about Farmajo’s arrival does not work for us at anytime. Farmajo could not come to Somaliland, and the president was not to allow that, he should have refused it immediately.” Said the Chairman.

UCID chairman, had on his own, met with Farmajo before in Brussels on July of 2018, despite all of Somaliland condemning the move at the time.

But Faisal Ali is now adamant in not having Farmajo come to Hargeisa with Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed.

Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, who gave an interview to VOA Radio, criticized the Somaliland president for Farmajo’s visit.

“The issue is that Muse will be held accountable by the people of Somaliland he is jeopardising the country, by agreeing to Farmajo coming to Hargeisa. I will come back to the country for a quick national conference on Thursday.” Said Faisal.

The UCID Chairman also spoke on his vision for Somalia and Somaliland talks.

“We will not talk with Farmajo and his youth group that he gathered in Mogadishu. We are looking forward to the arrival of good and wise leaders to be elected in Somalia.” said the chairman.

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