Federal government hits back at Galmudug leaders and suspends payments

Mogadishu (SD) – The Office of the Auditor General of Somalia issued a letter two weeks ago requesting the suspension of payment to Galmudug’s leadership to the Somali Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and the Auditor General.

The letter comes after Galmudug’s president, Ahmed Guelleh Haf, withdrew his support from the Galmudug election process and announced last week that he had returned as the head of Galmudug government.

The federal government accepted the auditor’s request to end payments to Galmudug’s leadership, but did not stop the salaries of civil servants in Galmudug’s administration and the food cost payments to the army.

Some of Galmudug’s parliamentarians in the federal parliament have criticized and blamed the issue on President Haf for taking Galmudug’s budget while he resigned from Galmudug affairs.

The stoppage of the funds by the feds is seen as an escalation of the Galmudug’s electoral dispute.

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