Fired Hargeisa Airport employees find jobs at Puntland Airports

Garowe(SD)-The Puntland Minister of Civil Aviation and Airport Affairs, Hussein Osman Lugatoor (Gabiley), who spoke at his office in Garowe today, announced that the ICAO staff recently fired at the Hargeisa airport will begin work in Puntland.

Somaliland has suspended all ICAO staff at Hargeisa airport after the agency handed over the Somali airspace to the federal government of Somalia.

ICAO has been in control of Somalia airspace during the collapse of the Republic, but officially handed over to the Somali government on December 28, 2017.

Mr. Gabiley said nine ICAO employees were recruited at the airport in Garowe, seven of which were employees of the Hargeisa Airport in Somaliland, while the other two will be employed at Bossaso Airport.

He also said that the employees from Hargeisa airport who are now at Garowe airport are three from Puntland, two from Mogadishu, and the other two are from Somaliland.

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