Former President Dahir Riyale weighs in on the Col Arre dispute

Borama(SD)-Former Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin at a Eid Prayers in Borama spoke about the on going negotiations between Somaliland and Col Arre.

“The country is blessed and we should stop all disputes that do not benefit the people, God has advised us against conflict and it will not benefit the nation, I advise to resolve all issues to be resolved peacefully” Said president Riyale.

“It was not necessary and I would recommend that an agreement be finalized with Col. Arre, and as for the president, you hold the highest office in the land and he should be able to resolve any issue with negotiation” said former president Riyale.

There have been on going peace negotiations between Somaliland government and a defected army Colonel who is been waging war in the eastern regions of the enclave.


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