Former Puntland speaker of the parliament arrives in Sanaag

Garowe(SD)-Reports from Garowe, the capital of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland, say that Puntland’s Speaker of Parliament Abdihakim Mohamed Ahmed Dhobo left town after he was ousted on Thursday by the parliament.

Reports indicate that the Mr. Dhobo Dered have been welcomed by traditional elders in Xingalol area and is on his way to Badhan, where he is from.

Reports indicate that there are consolations in parts of Sanaag regions among  local politicians and elders over the removal of the chairman Dhobo Dered which they strongly opposed.

The Speaker himself rejected the parliamentary decision to dismiss him, but on the other hand, the preparations for the election of a new speaker are under way after a committee was formed.

Somaliland a rival political foe of Puntland has yet to comment of the development, and is yet to acknowledge the opportunity to get back in eastern Sanag regions.

Somaliland has in recent months lost influence and presence in that region due to lack of leadership and support for the Sanag communities.

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