Riots broke out in Somali territories in Ethiopia

Jigjiga(SD)-Protests against President Mohamed Mustafa Omar Cagjar leadership have been going on in recent days in different areas of the Somali region.

The protest rallies have been linked to Mustafa Cagjar’s decision to arrest individuals who have expressed their opposition to his leadership and those that posted  opinions and statements on social media.

The latest demonstrations in Yucub town rose from the arrest of an elder from Tulli-Guled after he asked President Cagjar a contentious queastion.

The elder, named Muhyadin Haji Abib, was arrested after he asked the president of the Somali regional government a question about the widespread problems and the ongoing displacement of the community in Tulli-Guled.

In the area of Tulli-Guled, there have been numerous attacks and massacres by ethnic Oromo militias that have killed many in the Somali communities there and the government has not responded.

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