Forty Lyu police officers killed in clashes with Afar forces

JIGJIGA (SD) – At least forty Lyu police officers have been killed and unknown number was injured after heavy clashes with Afar forces in Ethiopia.

According to sources, heavily armed Afar forces on Sunday stormed a base belonging to Lyu police in Danlahelay village near the town of Garbe Isse.

The attack prompted heavy clashes which last for hours before Afar forces took over the control of the base.

The fighting also displaced families with reports indicating civilian casualties.

Somali regional state authorities have condemned the attack but did not give further detail of the attack.

Afur authorities did not comment on the attack.

The attack comes barely two months after forces of the states clashed at the border. According to Somali state authorities, 27 people from both sides were killed in the attack.

In 2014, the federal government brokered talks redrew the boundary between the two states.

The agreement transferred three small towns to Afar that Somali has since wanted back.

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