Fundraising event for Beledweyne flood victims in Minnesota

Minnesota(SD)-The Somali community in Minnesota came together in a meeting last night to raise funds for their brothers in Hiran, especially in Beledweyne.

Hundreds of thousands of politicians and businessmen have packed the Jigjiga lounge for the fundraiser.

The fundraiser was attended by officials from the Federal Government of Somalia, including Minister of Labor of Somalia, Sadak Warfa, MP Omar Ringo, MP Abdifatah Aqilyare, and the Somali political leaders in the state of Minnesota, such as Mohamud Noor, and Hodan Hassan.

All the leaders who spoke at the meeting agreed that there was a need to support the Somali brothers affected by the floods.

This fundraiser and those collected from most of Minnesota mosques will be donated to HARO, one of the most active humanitarian organizations in the state of Minnesota, the head of the agency Ali Haji said that the funds collected will soon reach the intended recipients and he thanked the public for their efforts.

The food for the event at the JigJag Hall last night was donated and sponsored by businessman Abdirahman Issa Kahin, owner of AFRO Restaurants in DELLI Minnesota.

The meeting ended last night in a favorable environment and the attendees were urged to continue efforts to rescue the population affected by the floods of the Shabelle River in Hiran region.

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