Galmudug Presidents meet in Dhusamareb

Dhusamareb (SD) –Galmudug’s incumbent regional president Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qorqor meets for the first time and welcomes former Galmudug president Ahmed Duale Guelleh Haf, who had previously opposed his election.

President Haf has previously claimed to be the legal president of Galmudug, but Galmudug MPs from both federal houses went to Galkayo and convinced him to come to Dhusamareb and meet with the new Galmudug President.

President Haf is asked to compromise and consider Galmudug’s interests and ignore past conflicts among Galmudug shareholders.

The two Galmudug President are expected to speak to the media together soon in Dhusamareb, giving updates as to their understanding.

Its President Qorqor’s intention to have all his opponents attend his inauguration.

The role of the Federal government on this and other issues in Galmudug is not clear, Villa Somalia endorsed Qorqor’s election in Galmudug.

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