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Nairobi (SD) – After a long discussion, an agreement is within reach between Jubaland President and his election opponents, according to sources close to the matter.

Serar and Hidig initially asked for a new election be held in Jubaland, but after a lengthy discussion the two agreed to the request.

Abdirashid Hidig and Abdinasir Serar have reportedly agreed to withdraw their claim to be the regional presidents and are currently negotiating settlements.

The opponents both declared victory on the last Jubaland election won by current president Ahmed Madobe.

The 2019 election dispute with Serar and Hidig led to a political discourse in the relatively peaceful regional state.

The Somali Federal Government has declared the Jubaland elections and its results illegitimate, leading to further chaos in the region.

The Somali government also sent troops into Gedo, taking control of the province after clashing with troops loyal to Jubaland.

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