Garaad Mukhtar’s inauguration politicized by rivals

Dharkayn (SD) – The inauguration ceremony of Garaad Mukhtar Garaad Ali Burale has officially concluded today in Dharkeyn, Sool region.

The event hosted many cultural and political personalities from different parts of the Somali region.

Officials from the Somaliland government including the Minister of Information and the minister Water Development, Saleban Ali Kore and Mohamed Muse Diriye were there to participate.

Witnesses also confirmed that Puntland cabinet members and MP’s who wanted to attend the cultural event were turned back due to fears of clashes with Somaliland forces present at the inauguration.

There are also reports that the Somaliland government itself prevented the Puntland delegation from crossing the border.

Somaliland Information minister took shots at his political rivals and told the traditional leaders to stick to their roles.

“Us politicians are competing on tangible development contributions, Somaliland invested on water supply and building roads, I would advise traditional leaders to stick to their roles” said minister Kore.

Garaad Jama Garaad Ali who openly opposes Somaliland’s presence in Sool and Sanag dismissed the idea that his role is just a traditional one.

The ceremony turned in to a political grand standing between opposed politicians from Sool and Sanag regions, thus overshadowing the inauguration of the new Garaad.

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