Garhajis clan Council criticizes Somaliland military commander

 Hargeisa(SD)-The Garhajis clan committee that was in mediation between the Arre insurgent group and the Somaliland government said they have stopped negotiations for peace and the country needs salvation.

The committee said in a statement yesterday that the commander of Somaliland’s military forces Gen: Noah Tanani was a message to the Sanaag region peace committee.

“The commander of the army speaks for the president,The president knows commandant Noah Tani speaks for him, Before we saw the president about the peace offer. the President sent a message in response through Commander Noah Tan’s statement.” said Sultan Ahmed Osman Addo-Gudde, chairman of the Garhajiz committee.

Sultan Mohamed Hersi Qani also had a grim response for Commander Tani and president Bihi.

“shots have not been fired yet, the country should belong to everyone, we are at the worst spot today, I urge all the clan elders and intellectuals to come together for a national meeting” said Sultan Mohamed Hersi Qani.

The public and opposition parties have reacted to the statement of National Army commander Noah Taani and viewed it as wrong, undermining the peace process in the Sanaag region between the government and Colonel Arrere.

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