Himilo Party Leader Welcomed in Ohio

The Himilo Party leader MP Mohamed Hashi (Huub Sireed) has been welcomed in Columbus, Ohio.

The lawmaker was explaining the purpose of the party to the Somali diaspora in North America, he reacently held a meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The meeting was attended by a large crowd and the people who spoke there welcomed the party’s national goals.

The attendees had pictures of former Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, as expected by the party he will be the presidential candidate for the party in the next election in Somalia.

MP Mohamed Hashi (Huub Sireed) read a lengthy and well-written speech on a wide range of issues, He said that the party is not tribal and they want to lead the country on the path forward.

The other local speakers consisting various sections of the community such as women and religious were vocal in their support of the party.

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