Wadani denies agreement with Pres. Bihi on elections

Hargeisa(SD)-The leader of the Wadani party Mr. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan attended a meeting held at the State House of the Republic of Somaliland yesterday 26th / 08/2019, The meeting between the President and the National Parties of Somaliland, the parties discussed in furtherance of the agreement of the three national parties that had entered into regarding the upcoming elections on 27th / 7th / 2019.

The president acknowledged the concerns of the national parties and promised to address the issue addressed by the leaders of the two parties, pointing out that he is serious about the proposal of the opposition parties.

The Wadani party asserts that no other agreement has been reached at the meeting.

The two UCID and Wadani parties also discussed extensively with the President on solving problems in the eastern regions through dialogue and a security roadmap for Somaliland.

The President expressed optimism that he would give proper consideration to the issues discussed.

Wadani party is always ready for a timely election in the country, and the party is saying that any obstacles to the country’s elections should be resolved through dialogue and consensus, concluded Wadani’s statement.

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