If Wadani can’t utilize the imminent Somaliland uprising, then who?

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland is edging towards an imminent implosion and if there is no leadership to guide the pending uprising things could get dicey preity quick.

Leadership is crucial in achieving a fruitful uprising in any society, and Somaliland is not an exceptions, given it’s checkered past.

The imminint Protest is in response to oppressive Kulmiye regimes and a low standard of living, not to mention harassment and humiliation inflicted on non Kulmiye supporters.

In resent weeks, previous SNM fighter, traditional leaders from Awdal, Politicians of all stripes have condemned the Kulmiye leadership in it’s brazen corruption and lack of inclusivity in the Government.  

In the east of the country, similarly the decent has been spreading to the point were some community completely switch their elegancy to Puntland.

While others in Awdal have picked up the gun and have attacked  a police station in Borama in a bright day light.

The uprising is lacking a political leader to step up and give the guidance and the validity it needs.

So Far the largest opposition party and specifically it’s leader Abdirahman Irro have been suspiciously quite on the issue.

it’s not clear if he and his party are in cahoots with Kulmiye in maintaining the status quo.

If Wadani and it’s leadership is not ready to lead the decent, then who?   

According to insiders, this could present someone else an opportunity to take the lead and benefit from it.

Including some who may even believe in greater Somalia, and not a true and true Somalilander.

It could lead to unprecedented violence that could cause further decent and damage.  

Clearly something has to give, with all the changes going on, be it social media or the armed militias amidst the public, there is pound to be a change.

The deafening silence from the Kulmiye coalition. also indicates that the leadership has no plan to acknowledge the dilemma and are sitting ducks.

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