Int’l community reiterates call to end dispute over 2020/21 poll process

MOGADISHU (SD) – International community has reiterated their call for dialogue over the 2020/21 electoral process amid the difference between the government and opposition upped after FIET started the senate electoral process yesterday.

Following a meeting with Somali prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, Somali partners on Monday urged the government to start talks ensuring a broad agreement on implementation of 17 Sept.

On 17 September this year, leaders of Somali federal government and its member states agreed electoral model, known as the Electoral Constituency Caucuses.

The sides agreed on 15 points, including forming of federal and regional level electoral commissions but the deal failed after Puntland and Jubbaland pulled out, accusing the federal government of regional interference.

Both states called on the government to withdraw federal troops in Gedo region, saying the presence of the forces would undermine the transparency of the elections.

The opposition presidential candidates also opposed Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) formed by the federal government, accusing the government of lining up members of NISA (Spy agency) and civil servants.

In a press conference on Monday, Prime minister Mohamed Hussein assured that his government will address concerns by the presidential candidates.

He said government is committed to iron out differences in order to hold inclusive, free and fair elections.

“Doors of my office is open for everybody who have concern over electoral process. We are ready to address their issues,” he said.

The opposition parties have not yet commented on the remarks of the PM.

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