Jubaland candidates have strong conditions for election participation

Kismayo(SD)-The candidates for the Jubbaland election expected to take place this month in Kismayo, have issued a clear statement regarding their conditions for participating the upcoming election.

The meeting between the IGAD representative for Somalia Mohamed Ali Guyo and the Jubaland presidential candidates have addressed the latest developments in the areas of governance, particularly in security, politics and elections.

Candidates who spoke to the media after the meeting, unveiled a 10-point conditions on voter participation that they had previously rejected.

The specific requirements that the candidates have set are:

1. Change the Election Commission

2. The appointment of a new Electoral Commission

3. The right elders to choose the new MPs

4. Only one candidate should be selected for the new parliament

5. A parliamentary committee should oversee the elections

6. Hold the election in a neutral location like the UN headquarters

7. AMISOM troops should secure the site of the election

8 – The Federal Government of Somalia to be present at the election

9. That an international observers be present at the polling station.

9. That an international observer be present at the polling station.

10. To have international and local media play a role in broadcasting the process.

The statement issued by Jubbaland’s candidates seeking changes comes as traditional elders have submitted the latest list of MPs to the new Jubbaland parliament.

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