Somaliland’s House of Representatives session ends in disarray

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland House of Representatives has ended in it’s session today after members disagreed with a motion brought by the government.

 The predominately Kulmiye members of Sool Sanaag  and Awdal wanted to amend the motion to add a power sharing clause.

These members wanted to increased the provincial based proportions increased, while today’s motion was regarding three party resolution for the upcoming election.

“We have walked out of the so-called agreement between the three parties. Until the proportional shares of the House of Representative is added to the motion, we will not be able to enter the house,” said Ali Bare lawmaker from Badhan region.

MP Hussein Aideed of the WADADNI party has urged the current parliamentarians and the Kulmiye Party not hide behind the proportion issues of the house but to except the terms of the election agreement.

The session was chaired by Deputy Speaker Ahmed Yasin Ayanle, who also rejected the three-party agreement unless it was included the proportional update of the House of Representatives.

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