Jubaland imposes new rules on AMISOM troops

Kismayo(SD)-Jubbaland regional President Ahmed Mohamed Islam today hosted a monthly meeting of the Jubaland security council which is held once a month.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President and members of the cabinet ministers who are members of the Security Council and officials and addressed in combating Al Shabab.

An statement from the presidency said that the meeting also discussed expanding the information sharing between military and civilians.

The statement added that it was agreed that AMISOM troops should go to the frontlines where the Jubbaland Forces are operating were their help is needed.

It’s been known for years now, that the Kenyan AMISOM troops were reluctant in serving at the frontlines with Somali forces who are fighting Al Shabab.

This move will be welcomed, given the resources the Internayional community spends on them for their role in achieving Somali peace.

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