Macharia Kamau: The Kenyan delegation to Kismayo was approved by Farmajo

Nairobi(SD)-Kenya’s foreign affairs secretary Macharia Kamau said the delegation attended the inauguration of Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe] in Kismayo was with the approval of the Federal Government.

“There was no violation of Kenyans who attended the inauguration of the fairly elected President Jubaland Ahmed Madobe, and the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia knew about it,” said the Permanent Secretary of the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The news that the Somali government has given approval to a delegation led by Aden Barre Duale in Kismayo for Ahmed Madobe inauguration is new to the public.

The Somali government has accused the Kenyan government of deliberately violating its airspace following the decision to board flights from Nairobi to other regions of Somalia.

But he denied that Kenya was the owner of the first airline to land in Kismayo with delegates including Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan and Abdikarim Hussein Guled.

The delegation that went to Kismayu was led by Kenyan Parliamentary Majority Leader Aden Barre Duale and former Defense Minister Yusuf Haji.

This is yet another embarrassing information on how much the government knew and consented to about the Kismayo inauguration at the time. 

The Somali government is notorious in playing the patriotic card, when in fact they kowtow to foreign demands, as demonstrated here.


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