Jubaland opposition question former President’s motive

Kismayo(SD)-Abdinasir Serar Max and lawmaker Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig, both of whom declare themselves to be Jubaland’s president, strongly opposed the press conference held by Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in Mogadishu yesterday.

Mr. Serar asked  about the Somali Generals,MP’s and Ministers refused entry to Kismayo by Jubaland authorities, aren’t those illegal too.

MP Abdirashid Hidig, a member of the parliament of the Somali parliament, also said all the things the former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said are going back to him and needing to be questioned.

Former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has accused the country’s top leaders of violating the country’s constitution, calling on everyone in order to save the Somali government and as he puts is on the path of destruction.

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